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Newsletter-November 2019

Our goal has always been to help people help their dogs and as you know if you've been reading our newsletter over time or following us on Facebook, proactive nutrition is at the heart of what we believe in.

The increase in exposure to social media, particularly over the past couple of years, has made an impact on accessibility to all types of information. This can be a wonderful thing, but from what we've witnessed it seems dog parents have actually become more confused than ever. That is, a belief system and the reality of canine nutrition may be at odds.

Given many of the feeding histories we see come through on our consultation intake forms we feel there is an urgent need to make balanced, real world recipes more accessible for dog parents trying to do the best for their dog(s).

We've put an incredible amount of thought into this because we have such a strong passion for personalized nutrition. The reality is not everyone can afford personalized recipes for their dogs, particularly multi-dog households. We believe dogs are much better off with an NRC balanced recipe - even if it's not personalized - versus the diets we see people feeding with information they try to gather from various sources.

We are thrilled to launch the first recipe trio in our new CORE DIET PLANS(™) - available immediately in a downloadable format. They are not just single sheet recipes but include valuable information to help you transition your dog to the fresh food recipe.

Our mission with our new CORE DIET (™) PLANS is to make fresh food recipes accessible and affordable to dog parents worldwide and provide peace of mind that your dog is getting the nutrients they need for top-notch nutrition. We will of course continue to offer our one on one personalized and supported consultations.

Core Cooked Diet

Core Cooked Diet with Grain

Core Raw Diet

Monica and Jody